MOD-Olivia 4pc set

MOD-Olivia 4pc set
The see-through headboard wood paneling, compliments a series that conveys a petite sense of style to the bedroom. Olivia is a prim and proper set, that also introduces your room to a design that is both fun and creative. Coated in a laminated dark brown varnish, the oak veneer wood paneling of the series was designed to bring a semblance of modernity, to an otherwise minimalist lifestyle. Olivia requires assembly, and can be wiped clean with either a dry cloth, or something intended for wood furnishings. The bed does not include a mattress or box spring. Includes a queen size frame (also available in a king size version).Set Includes:One - Olivia DresserOne - Olivia FootboardOne - Olivia HeadboardOne - Olivia MirrorOne - Olivia NightstandOne - Olivia Queen Bed Frame

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